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Your Pixel Perfect digitalizing service is now Davis Digital Mastering

VHS Video Tapes to Digital File and DVD

Let us convert your home VHS movies to DVD.

VHS Tapes start to degrade within 10-25 years after it was manufactured. Most of the video tapes manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s tend to be more durable than the thinner and cheaper tapes that flooded the market in the 1990s and are still sold as new today.

The older a tape gets, the more likely it will face problems like oxide shedding and tape-eating bacteria. The replay count will also affect the level of degradation.

Now is the time to start transferring them to Digital Media because they are approaching the end of the life cycle.

Prices below are for straight copies, without any editing of a 2 hour VHS tape. If the tape exceeds 2hrs it will require additional DVD's. Each additional 2 hour DVD needed for a VHS tape that is over 2 hours will be an additional $5.


  • $10.00 Each VHS Tape
    $5.00 per every additional 2 hours on tape
    $2.00 each additional copy

Editing is available with extra charges depending on the extensiveness of editing.

Image Digitizing

Don't let your images fade or be lost to disaster like a fire or flood.

Let us convert your family photos to a digital copy for you to share with family and friends. 

  • 25 images for $20
  • 50 images for $40
  • 100 images for $75
  • 200 images for $150

Photo Restoration

Our restoration rate is $20 per hour. The sample photo below took me no more than an hour to restore. Each restoration case is different so the amount of time it will take us depends on the amount of damage to the image. The photo below is to give you an idea of what your cost may be.

 Please call 570-815-2591 for more information.

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