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Family Portrats in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #familyportraits #Scranton


We love to capture those quirky moments.

Family Portrats in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #familyportraits #Scranton


We shoot on location.

Family Portrats in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #familyportraits #Scranton

Pet and People

Get all your kids in the photo.

Family Portraits

Family Dynamics

Family Portrats in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #familyportraits #Scranton

Family portrait photography should reflect your family’s personality. Family portraits are very important and are often an heirloom to your children and grandchildren. When I look back at the photos of my grandparents I find them interesting but really can’t see what their personality was like. We want your grandchildren to see a glimpse of your personality and the interaction between each member of the family. Some aspects of our style of family portraits are often known as relationship portraits.


Family Portrats in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #familyportraits #Scranton

Kids photography is so much fun and exhausting but we love photographing children. Child photography is a precious gift to give grandparents and parents. Snap shots are taken all the time in this new digital camera age but there still is a big difference between the personal snap shot and a professional photography studio portrait done by professional portrait photographers. There is also a big difference in the style of each portrait photographer at every professional photography studio. We like to offer classic portraits in our child photography along candid and improve child portraits. By allowing children to be themselves we create professional portraits of your child that shows their personality. When you look back twenty years from now you don’t want to just see a picture of their little face. You want to relive the moment in time and by us allowing them to be themselves in our style of children photography you will see that in our professional photography studio’s portraits.

Baby Portraits

There is only one thing any baby photographer is going for when they are creating baby portraits and that is cuteness. We want who ever looks at our baby photography to say “Aww!” without even realizing they said it and smile uncontrollably. Our professional photography studio wants to go a step further with staying power by make that images invoke memories in the future. What our photography studio means by that is in twenty years from now when you are getting ready for your babies wedding we want you to look at one of our professional photographs and have all those memories of the little baby in your arms flood back in one glance.

Your Pixel Perfect photography studio is very safety oriented when it come to babies. Baby photography is not putting a baby in front of the camera and leaving them by themselves. There are many things to consider when it comes to baby photography. One of the most important things is that no photograph is worth risking the safety of a child. We ask the parent to stand just outside of the frame on each side and if there is only one parent here then one of us is on the other side, depending on the age of the baby. Even the cute little new born baby photography you see is not taken in one photograph they are a composite of many photographs that are put together in the computer to make one image. A professional photographer knows how to do these photographs so your baby is not put at risk.

Creating a Family

Whatever you decide let our photography studio create those maternity pictures for you. As professional portrait photographers we understand the need for professional portraits especially the importance of maternity photography.

Maternity photography is the capturing of the beginning of you creating a family together. When you think of maternity pictures think of them as your first family portrait because after all that is what maternity photography is all about.

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is such a rewording part of being a photographer. When a family comes to us with their new little baby there is an air of excitement and joy. We really love it when the family coming in for newborn photography is a new family and this is their first child.

Professional portrait photographers understand the safety factors when it comes to newborn photography. Those images of newborn photography you see on the internet that are taken by portrait photographers are composites of many images. Those images are stitched together in the computer to give you that beautiful image.

Newborn photography is nothing to be taken little and can be harmful to the newborn if a photographer doesn’t know what they are doing. Newborns can hold up their own head so there are many tricks in newborn photography to make it look like they are hold up their head on their own I the final image.

When you see a newborn hanging in a piece of cloth, in newborn photography, that newborn isn’t just hanging in midair. There must be someone holding under the baby so they do not get hurt during the process.

Mom and Dad are always present during our newborn photography for added hand to help support and safety.

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