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Pet Portraits

Pet Portrats in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #PetPortraits #Scranton

Dog Portraits

Dogs are our specialty.

Pet Portrats in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #PetPortraits #Scranton

Cat Portraits

Cats are tough but we do our best with them.

Pet Portrats in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #PetPortraits #Scranton

Exotic Pet Portraits

We welcome all animals.

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Dog Portraits

Pet Portraits in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #PetPortraits #Scranton

Rachael Country Clips

2014 Snow Dog Winner

We absolutely LOVE photographing pets and will not turn down any non-venomous or non-poisonous pets.

We have to admit that we are dog people and specialize mainly in dog portraits but we still love all of our animal friends.

Our pet portrait sessions are up to an hour in length. We give an hour so your pet has time to relax and get to know us a little. It’s almost always impossible, unless you’re the dog whisperer, to get any animal to do exactly what you want in only a few minutes of meeting them.

Dogs like to sniff so we let them sniff. We lock the door and take off the leash so they can explore and get it out of their system. When we feel the dog is ready we will then begin the process of getting them to pose for us. We are very good with dogs and can handle them quite well.

Pet Portraits in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #PetPortraits #Scranton

Most of the times we ask you to leave the shooting area, because your little friend will be distracted by your presence. We don’t mean it as an insult it’s just that they love you so much they pay more attention to you and not the camera. Plus many times, and this is true with parents of young children too, you can’t help but say something, give a command or try to help by making a noise.

On some occasions the master will start to stress out and yell at their pet which just makes things worse. When this happens we could lose the shot. We know they mean well and most of the time they realize it and apologize but by then we had already lost the shot and have to start over.

Our number one priority is not stressing out your pet. This is so important to us that we will not charge you a session if we cannot get a good photo. This guarantee is only for our pet portraits. However if your dog is aggressive or vicious we will charge our session fee because this is beyond our control. We will also charge a sitting fee if it the pet owner is the reason the pet isn’t cooperating.

We don’t agree with breedism, we love all dogs equally.

We know Pit bull, Rottweiler, Dobermann, Chihuahua and Dachshund all get a bad rap but through experience we know it has nothing to do with the breed of dog. It does have everything to do with the environment the dog is raised in and if inbreeding occurred.

All Pets Are Welcome

With any other animal we will more than likely ask the owner to handle their pet. We won’t handle the pet because we do not want to hurt it and the owner knows how to hold and handle the animal.

We can also have your dog portraits turned into digital dog paintings printed on canvas.

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