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Class of 2016 High School Senior Portraits

About Our Senior Portraits

High school senior portraits in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #seniorpictures

Our photography studio is located in the Green Ridge section of Scranton PA which is in North East Pennsylvania.

We remember the feeling of being a high school senior and the excitement of starting our adult life. We also remember the experience of handing out our high school senior picture wallets and writing messages on the back to our friends.

We have many high school seniors come to us for their senior pictures from Dunmore High School (yes you can use it for the yearbook), Scranton and West Scranton, North Pocono High School, Mid Valley, Abington, Wallenpaupack Area High school, Lakeland, Pocono Mountain East, Honesdale, Crestwood, Jim Thorpe and Forest City High Schools. Even as far away as Delaware Valley and Hancock High School in New York State.

Be part of the process

What can you expect from our professional photography studio?

You can expect collaboration between our professional photographers and you.

Professional quality prints and excellent customer service.

You can also expect us to care what you think.

We want you to have the senior pictures you want and also the portraits your parents want. This is why our senior portrait sessions are 2 hours in length and have unlimited outfit changes along with 2 locations. This insures variety and a better experience for all.

Being Yourself

Why is it important to collaborate?

High school senior portraits in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #seniorpictures

We want your photos to reflect your personality and interests. Our photography studio doesn’t like cookie cutter images, meaning the same poses by the same tree over and over again… and again.

If you want something different for your senior portraits let us help you figure out a great location. If you have a favorite location, as long as we get permission from land or building owner, we would love to shoot some place new. We love to do water shoots and underwater senior photos. Your images can be dramatic, quirky, adventurous, traditional or all of the above.

Why Use Professional Photographers

Why should you choose a professional photography studio to have your senior portraits done?

High school senior portraits in Scranton PA 570-877-2829 #seniorpictures

The main reasons are quality, customer service, and reliability. Plus, when you decide to go with a professional photographer you have more choices and a company that can provide you with more creative options. There is a big difference between professional and not.

We take our studio lights with us on location. This will give you professional studio lighting in your images. We don’t use a flash mounted to a camera because this limits the lighting techniques we can do. With our portable studio lights we can get more creative and dramatic lighting; giving your senior pictures that unique look you are looking for.

Railroad Tracks

We will never shoot on private property or directly on railroad tracks. Being on railroad tracks is against federal law and very, very dangerous. A quick Google search will prove that. It would be irresponsible to place our clients in not only a very dangerous situation but an illegal one as well. Plus railroad tracks have been overdone, like really, really overdone.

However… we will shoot at a railroad station and get the tracks in the background, we just won’t go directly on the tracks.


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