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Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

Senior Portraits

Just be yourself.

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

Pet Portraits

Your BFF's.

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton


Get sexy for your guy.

Senior Pictures

 Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

High school senior pictures are something we enjoy doing. We like to be creative and create unique senior photos that set you apart from your friends. You should be allowed to be yourself and have your classmates remember you in twenty years the way you want them to. Just because you’re going to a professional photographer doesn’t mean your portraits have to look like everyone else’s.

You can have your portraits done here at our studio, at your favorite location or at your house if you like. Let us know what your ideas are and we can work with you to get what you’re looking. Knowing what your senior portrait ideas are is the best way for us to get to know your likes and dislikes.

Your high school senior portraits should be a fun experience and we believe there is no reason why photography studios can’t be fun and enjoyable.

We will provide you with an extra wallet sized photo for your yearbook or a digital wallet if that is what your school requires.

We all love graduation parties and when you’re planning your party this spring consider our photo booth rentals to make it even more memorable. Wedding receptions book our photo booth all year long so book ASAP to lock in your date. Call (570) 877-2829 and book before your friends do.

Underwater Portraits

 Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

Underwater portraits are without a doubt a conversation piece and a way to sand out from the crowd. We have done many under water sessions and it’s always fun. We have several locations that we do our underwater pictures or we can do them right in your pool.

Underwater portraits depend on the weather, so if it’s too cold or thundering we will have to reschedule. If you have access to a heated or indoor pool we will be more than happy to go there.

One of the growing trends is underwater senior pictures. The young lady shown here is the first high school senior in this area to have her senior pictures done underwater. Her swim team watched as we got in the water with her at her high school pool. We are looking forward to doing a swimming teams team photo in underwater.

Prom and Wedding Dress Photos

 Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

We LOVE doing trash the dress photos (aka. Rock the frock)!!!

Many people ask us what is trash the dress photography? It could me different things to different photographers. Although people trash the dress in mud or trash the dress in paint, there are many trash the dress ideas out there and we don’t require ruining the dress.

Our trash the dress photography, whether it is a wedding dress or prom dress, is about showcasing the dress. This is why we usually call a trash the dress photo shoot, a rocking the frock session instead. This way there is less anxiety. This type of session is a popular wedding photo idea.

Pet Photography

 Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

When looking for a pet photographer, you want someone who likes animals like we do.

We both grew up with them and love them! We allow time for walking and sniffing, so your pet can relax and feel comfortable.

Pet photography is a lot of fun and a lot of work. One of the most common types of pet photos we do is dog portraits. Weather you have a little puppy only a few months old or a full grown big dag that you still call puppy.

If you are looking for a more artistic look for your furry BFF we can turn your photo into a digital dog painting. Transferring photo to canvas is a beautiful way to display your dog art and give your little buddy the majestic look they deserve.

When it comes to in studio pet portraits, dog photography is one of the most popular types of animal photography but we will photograph any of your pets.

As pet photographers we will photograph any animal, we don’t discriminate. The most exotic pet we have done is a bearded dragon. We have tricks to get the best images of your pet but some pets just don’t want to cooperate and if that is the case then we will do our best.

If your pet shows signs of aggression we will not attempt to photograph them but as long as they are friendly we will do our best.

Boudoir and Pinup Photography

Modern professional photography has taken an old idea and made it hot again. Do you remember the vintage pin up art from the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s? Remember the pinup clothing and pinup dresses in those memorable images?

 Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

Pin up photos are making a comeback because woman are surprising their men with calendars and books as gifts. Vintage pinup girl pictures are fun to recreate but this time with you as the model.

If pin up photography isn’t your style then try a boudoir photo shoot.

Boudoir photography is a photo shoot that takes place in a bedroom setting. We have boudoir sets at our studio or we can go to a location you provide.

One of the most popular types of boudoir sessions is for bridal boudoir photos. Wedding boudoir pictures are great wedding picture ideas to give to the groom on the wedding night.

Whether you are looking for a pin up photography studio or to have boudoir pictures done we are professional photographers that understand the apprehension that goes into this type of photo shoot. As boudoir and pinup portrait photographers we are experienced in getting you to relax and get the best possible image for your boyfriend or husband.

Maternity Photography

 Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

I guess congratulations are in order if you’re reading this and your probably wonder if even want to get maternity photography done. You have no idea how many time women look at our maternity images and say they wish they had it done when they were pregnant.

It’s not for everyone and we understand that, but if you don’t then there is no getting that moment back with that child. Pregnancy photography is a beautiful thing and every woman should have it done. Even if you never show anybody, you will still have the images for yourself. Trust me when little baby leave the nest for collage you’ll be glad you have them. Some women even have their maternity photos done as boudoir photography.

Maternity portraits are a perfect complement to your newborn baby portraits. We always suggest that you have maternity pictures done and then come back within the first two weeks after birth and get newborn photos done. Come back again in four months, eight months or sooner if you like for more baby photos of your child. At a year of age we will do a one year session and cake smash, that is when the baby digs into a small cake and we photograph the carnage.

You have your maternity pictures and baby photography done and all the prints you need to give out to family and friends. Since we did all of your professional photography through the year, we can design one of our beautiful memory books for you to treasure forever.

Photo Booth Rental

 Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

Our Scranton photo booth rental are a big part of our business and we love doing them. We include all the photo booth props and a scrapbook or DVD slideshow with all of our photo booth rentals. We have two photo booths that we rent out and they book up fast so call us as soon as you can to book your date.

It is so much fun getting to know new people and watching them in the photo booth. It is a great party addition for a wedding reception, sweet sixteen parties, graduation parties, class reunions, holiday parties, or corporate events.

Wedding reception ideas, sweet sixteen party ideas, and graduation party ideas are the three most common event types that we rent for. Brides love to rent a photo booth for wedding favors, in fact they make great party favors for any party.

Family Portraits

 Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

Photography studios understand how precious and priceless family portraits are. It is so important to have those images of your family during the different stages of growth so you have them for posterity with professional photography.

We love the way an image can spark a memory of when you were growing up or the memory of a loved one long gone.

Portrait photography captures the relationship and interaction between parent and child or between siblings. If you have any family portrait ideas you want to try, we are always more than happy to work with you and insure we get as close as we can. We have a variety of family portrait poses we use during your session.

Your pets are part of your family and that is something we know firsthand, so make sure they are in your family portrait too.

Children and Toddler Portraits

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

Children photography is some of the most emotionally impacting portraits we have ever done.

Capturing their little smile or just that look they give you that makes you heart melt is one of the most important things we strive for in kids photography. Unlike family portraits that focus on the whole family’s interaction, photography studios look for the connection the child makes with the camera. In portrait photography a good connection to the child means the resulting image will connect to you every time you look at it.

Professional photography is all about how the still image of a subject will project off the final print and keep the viewer smiling for years to come.

Engagement Photos


You just got engaged and have all the flutters of fresh love and that is what your photographer needs to capture in your engagement pictures for the newspaper.

You want your love to shine through the newspaper for everyone to see. That may sound corny but it’s exactly what you’re looking for in engagement photos. Engagement photography is about capturing the way two people feel toward each other and professional photos will capture that for you. A professional photographer can have all the engagement photo ideas they want but your images should always contain personal elements such as location of first date or reenacting his proposal. Better yet tell your boyfriend now to call us for the day he is planning to pop the question and we will hide in the bushes to capture the moment in real time.

As portrait photographers we understand what true couple photography means and will get the image you envisioning.

Wedding Photography


When you are looking for a wedding photographer and are considering us, we ask that you come in for a wedding consultation. After we have some time to get to know each other we then show you a slide show of our work. The slide show is of a wedding we photographed from beginning to end.

By doing this you can see a whole wedding we have provided service for and not just one or two images from each wedding we've done. We will then go over the packages with you and show you samples of what you will get in your packages.

We give you some advice in what to look for in a photographer. Like your photographer is with you all day long. Make sure that it's someone you like and trust.

Our wedding packages include two professional photographers, engagement photos with 5x7 for the newspaper, a wedding album and a lot more depending on the package you select.

As wedding photographers we offer a mixed style to create a diverse selection of wedding pictures. We want you to cherish our wedding images forever. We will work hard to give you the wedding photography that you ask for and that will last a lifetime.

Lifetime sessions means you will never pay a normal portrait session fee with us. Some restrictions do apply to boudoir sessions, it cover only a portion of the bottom package. We love being portrait photographers and wedding photographers. We would love the opportunity to be your photography studio.

Consider our photo booth rentals for your wedding reception and our bridal boudoir photography for your wedding gift for the groom.

Referral Program

With us you get rewarded for referring someone to us. With each referral, you and your referral will receive a free sheet to be used at your next session, with purchase of a package! You may use up to three sheets per session. Just have your referral be sure to let us know that you sent them!

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