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About Our Photography Studio

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio and Photo Booth Rental is located in the Green Ridge section of Scranton PA which is in North East Pennsylvania (NEPA).

What Makes Us Different

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

On Location, senior pictures.

Water shoots are fun and sure to set you apart.

We like our photography to be different than other photography studios and we want your professional portraits to stand out from your friend's. What makes our professional photography studio different is that we include our clients in the creative process. We are willing, within reason, to go to locations, shoot in the snow or shoot on a rainy day.

Creativity is what makes a photography studio different from the next one down the street. Every photographer has a different vision and there are some great photographers out there. What we want to do in our photography studio is give the client a voice. Our studio will not lose site of the fact that these are your photos and your vision needs to be considered. Now, we can’t let a client run the session, that’s not what we mean by that. We will get your input and work with you to get your desired look. We are still professionals and you are paying us for our talent and creative vision.

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

On Location, trash the dress photo shoot.

We bring our lighting on location.

Mostly our clients come to us for our creative and unique way of photographing clients. Our favorite shoots are when we can do whatever we want and let our creativity enhance your photography experience.

Our photography studio does photograph traditional portraits and prefer it in some cases but the majority of our photography portrait sessions are fun stuff and creative. We'd rather shoot on location for the most part because the possibilities are endless.

With a minimum one hour session, except for mini sessions, you will have time to change and get used to us. The reason we have an hour session is to give the client time to relax. This is crucial for pets and children.

Your Experience

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton

In Studio, High school senior portraits.

We help you pose.

Our Scranton photography studio has a relaxed and friendly environment but at the same time maintains a level of professionalism. Making new friends is fun and like the sign above our door says “enter as strangers and leave as friends”. One of the most important things is there are no lines at our studio we are by appointment only.

Client interaction is a must in our studio. Our clients need to be relaxed and that can only be achieved by interacting with our clients and allowing them to be themselves. You can expect our very best for your portraits and service.

Customer Service

Customer service seems to be a thing of the past these days, but not with us. We will go the extra mile and give our clients the best possible service.

About Your Photographers

Owner & Photographer

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton
Sandi Korshnak


Hi! Here’s a little bit about me, Sandi.


2 children and 3 dogs.

Have a huge family.

Like to research my family’s history.

Like to laugh. Laughing is my favorite, and usually do so at inappropriate times.

Can watch a movie I like over and over and over.

Like music over TV.

Pretty much always hot, even when everyone else is cold.

Breast cancer survivor and like to help others who are diagnosed.

Come from a long line of good cooks/bakers.

Have photographer friends all over the world. I have met a lot of them at various workshops.

Seniors, boudoir and pets and sunsets are my favorite things to photograph other than my family.

Want Ellen to fly my breast cancer support group out to her show so we can all meet.

Owner & Photographer

Your Pixel Perfect Photography Studio in Scranton Pennsylvania 570-877-2829 @yourpixelperfec #portraits #scranton
Edwin Davis


10 things to know about Me

Caterpillars freak me out more than any other bug.

Born, raised and still live in Elmhurst.

Believe that intelligent life has evolved in other parts of the universe.

Served in the Army from 1995 until 1998 and I don’t like being thanked for my service.

Decent sketch artist.

Would give my life for my family and friends.

People not respecting the flag really make me mad.

Respect religious beliefs but I am not a religious person. I’m more agnostic than anything else and will always take the side of science.

Believe tolerance and equality should be practiced by those who preach it!!!

Single, never been married and have no children… and I am absolutely, jump up in the air and click my heels, perfectly fine with that.

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