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Shannon Ceccoli

 Ed and Sandi donate their time and take gorgeous pictures of our foster dogs so they have a better chance of being adopted. Everyone comments on the dogs pictures. They are great with the dogs and we are so grateful to have Your Pixel Perfect in our corner!! Thank you so much! Love them!!!!

Alysa Valenti

 Sandy and Ed have captured so many family moments for me and will be capturing many more in the future! Not only do they take excellent photos, you will a great time getting them done!

Susann Wirkes

 This studio does an awesome job with every type of photography and they have a big heart for charities.

Regina Estus

 You will never have better pictures taken. Ed and Sandy are amazing

Cady Darago

 I love these guys - we've been faithful clients for 4 years now. They've been a part of so many special events in our lives!

Margaretta W Gilhooley

 They are wonderful to work with and kept the kids relaxed and smiling throughout the session. The portraits are the best we have ever had taken.

Vicki Miller

 They did an amazing job with my 2 dogs and also my godson and his new kitten at Rachel Ann'a Country Clips tonight. Cat wait til he actual photos come in!

Amy Norene Johnson Savitz

 They saved the day once again! Sandy and Ed were able to capture the best , of one of the most reluctant models to ever have Senior photos taken! Thanks again.

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